About 13 Stars Media Founders

13 Stars was a dream born of a desire to make our communities better through print. That dream became a reality and quickly evolved into a platform for local print media to survive and thrive. The pandemic-level crisis in 2020 forced 13 Stars to quickly adapt to a precarious business environment and lean on a community to survive. The efficiencies and priorities quickly became existential elements of an industry in crisis.

Changing course from building a vertically integrated full-service media company to a decentralized support network for print media journalism and sales, we developed a lightweight performance platform for the transformation of newsrooms to empower journalists and publishers.

We used 2020 to refine our operations, and now we are ready to share our platform in hopes of saving newspapers and magazines around the country that are in need of turning things around or are looking to pass the torch for their local news publisher. Check out more of our mission here.


Nicholas Mattson

Nicholas Mattson

Cofounder, CEO