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Seventy percent of respondents said they find online ads annoying and usually irrelevant, and 71 percent stated they do not pay attention to most online ads. On the print side, ad mail delivered to homes is read by 60 percent or more of respondents at least once per week, with 55 percent saying they would be more likely to take action after seeing an ad in a printed magazine or newspaper than if they saw it online.


What the future holds for print publishing and advertising, we really don’t know. What we do know is that print took a big hit over the last decade as the rise of internet news, email, and mobile devices found their footing in the modern world and became a natural part of the regular news cycle. But we also know that print reading, print publishing, and print advertising is alive and well. An overwhelming majority of digital-first companies carry on some form a print or print marketing. We just do it as a priority.

Here at Colony Media, we serve those who pick it up and take it with them, leave it on the counter or coffee table for a week or a month, or just enjoy flipping through pages of glossy or newsprint during a good read.

Our advertisers know that it works. We have battled through the “Great Print Attrition” over the digital rise, and when our CEO Nicholas Mattson decided how he would carry on news publishing for the next generation, he certainly had the opportunity to go all-digital. He began his publishing career in 2017 when all was but lost for print. There had to be a really good reason to invest in printing, paper, and mailing direct to homes. By far, the lion’s share of costs go to printing and mailing costs, and avoiding unnecessary overhead costs is a good business move for any company.

“We work in paper because you can’t unplug it from the wall.”

But sharing the news and information about the great community of the greater Central Coast, and the headquarters of Paso Robles and Atascadero — collectively part of the North San Luis Obispo County — would be underserved and underrepresented as simple pages of pixels and digital fodder for members of the world with remarkably short attention spans who devour snippets of content online awash with interruptions.

The paper reader, of any age, is remarkably more attentive, dedicated, and observant. The average online reader will stick on a news article for 15 seconds. According to an article by Time magazine, 55% of readers online are sticking around for just over a dozen seconds.

In fact, the average reader hasn’t even gotten this far in this post. They are off chasing unicorns through fields of digital daisies. That is what the internet is today. And it generates a TON of page views, unique viewers, and likes and shares — and advertisers are beginning to figure out that doesn’t equate to attention.

At Colony Media, we work in paper because it still means something to readers. It is still something that collects dust in the home, like so many other things people care about.

We work in paper because we are told every day that what we do is meaningful, impactful, and our advertisers keep running with us week after week, month after month, year after year.


We work in paper because we actually want your business to succeed.

We work in paper because you can’t unplug it from the wall.

We work in paper because it gets attention the right way.

We work in paper because print is the real word, real news, and the real world.

We work in paper because it works. And we are going to keep doing it while the surveys and statistics begin to get honest and tilt back in our favor.

At Colony Media, we print a lot of paper, and we want to help you do a lot of business too.